L2.S3 31d Phonétique (C. Borowy)

Course categoryL2 LLCER Anglais

This course is designed to help students develop the necessary skills to improve their pronunciation and understanding of spoken English. It combines an examination of how sounds are produced and how they differ from French sounds, of issues in theoretical phonetics, with an introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet, practical exercises in oral practice, sound discrimination, and phonetic transcription.  

By the end of the two semester course students will be familiar with the main rules for correspondence between sounds and spelling, as well as the patterns governing other phenomena such as intonation, rhythm, stress placement, connected speech and schwa. 

Teaching methods

The class is conducted entirely in English. Lectures and discussions with numerous exercises geared towards specific problems. Intensive exposure to spoken English through a variety of media (videos, audio recordings, poetry and songs) and practice with each major phoneme.

Oral practice is given within a communicative and cultural context. While the main attention will be on the features referring to contemporary standard British English, students will also be encouraged to develop an awareness of the differences between, as well as flexibility in listening to, a variety of English accents and dialects (General American, New Zealand, Northern English etc.).