E11 - Anglais (C. Chagnon)

Three major science topics are part of our syllabus this semester, i.e. scientific mysteries and mortality, addictions and sea matters. Of course we will base our study on some aspects only of each topic which will be the opportunity to practice our understanding of both text and speaking, to revise and practice our grammar (planned in your syllabus), and to exchange on all these subjects.

Here are the resources on which we will base our study:

1) Scientific mysteries & Mortality


  • Scientists' colossal squid exam: a kraken good show
  • Living to the limit
  • Mystery beast in ice age cave art revealed as cow-bison hybrid


  • Frankenstein science and mortality
  • Searching for the Ogopogo
  • How Old can we get? (Moodle)

Audio Program

  • Back from the Dead (Moodle)

2)  Thank you for Smoking / Addictions


  • New York's new smoking ban (BBC)
  • Understanding the Science behind Addiction (Moodle only)
  • Binge Drinking : How much is too much? (BBC)


  • E-Cigarettes

3) Sea Matters


  • Bleached corals in the Pacific have started bouncing back
  • Sharks are World's oldest vertebrate
  • The Sea Level around Florida is Rising Six Times Faster Than Average


  • The nurdles' quest for ocean domination
  • Plastic Bags and the Environment (CNN)

 Audio Programs

  • Sexing Sea Turtles (Moodle only)
  • Underwater Archeology

Main grammar points seen this semester:

  • The simple present and continuous present
  • the simple past (preterit), present perfect and past perfect
  • since and for, how long, used to
  • expressions of the future
  • Questions in English

Enseignant: CHAGNON Cecile