M1 S2 ANGLAIS (Isabelle Richard)

Formation d'anglais  à l'attention des étudiants de Master en Sciences et Tech  2ème semestre 2023-2024

Enseignant: RICHARD Isabelle

M1 S2 - Anglais (C. Chagnon)

This semester will be devoted to English for the working world and the tekkie world. Not only will we go through the ways to communicate within the world of work but we will also have a look at the basic of technical and scientific English.

M1 S1 - Anglais (C. Chagnon)

This semester in English will be dedicated to English in the working world, more precisely this type of English you will need to get hired (CV, cover letters, interviews) or to e-mail or telephone.

English Master 1 - advanced (T. Vranckx)

Advanced English classes for the master 1 students of the UFR sciences-tech (groups 1 and 2) - documents used in class and links to vocabulary lists

Enseignant: VRANCKX Tanguy