Documents annexes du cours de géopolitique du tourisme.

Documents annexes présentés en cours de sociologie du tourisme.

This course addresses the importance of social media in the Leisure industry, emphasizing the role media management should play in modern touristic structures. Students will concentrate on the challenging aspects of social media management Assignments will encourage students to explore both the positive and negative aspects of social media in leisure practices.

This course addresses the concepts of leisure, play, and recreation, emphasizing the role leisure should play in modern society. Lectures and discussions on societal attitudes toward leisure stresses the need to keep these in proper perspective. Students will concentrate on the psychological aspects of optimal experience and quality of life. Community leisure services will be addressed. Assignments will encourage students to explore leisure lifestyle attitudes Course objectives, and learning outcomes:

  • a) Introduce students to the concept of leisure, the field of leisure studies, and basic definitions/concepts.
  • b) Identify some research questions that are generated by the field.
  • c) Introduce students to what social scientists have to say about leisure, the leisure industry, marketing, Sustainable Leisure practices.